Attend Valley Creek?

Find Your Community

Learn how you can get involved in the life of the Valley Creek community

Build community by joining a small group

Fellowship groups are a springboard for community and connection at Valley Creek. They are designed to encourage genuine relationships and foster growth and maturity in our relationships with Jesus Christ. We share life, God’s Word, and a meal regularly in small groups meeting throughout the area. We always have room around our table for someone new!

Bring the whole family

At Valley Creek Kids, we are committed to raising up the next generation in the Lord. Our Sunday morning curriculum provides teaching and content tailored to young ones 4th grade and below. Each Sunday our kids engage with God’s word, learn to store it up in their hearts, and have fun in the process. Through crafts, songs, puppet shows, and mini sermons, we seek to see our young ones transformed by the Gospel.

For your teens

We want to make sure that people of all ages are cared for and discipled at Valley Creek. Valley Creek Youth provides an opportunity for us to engage our 4th-6th graders and 7th-12th graders in content that will meet them where they are at. Through a variety of activities, we seek to make the Gospel not only known by our youth but at home in their hearts.

Classes and training to help you grow

In the book of Colossians, Paul states that he longs that all would be presented “mature” in Christ. This is our aim at Valley Creek as well. Through a variety of class offerings, we seek to ensure that all members at Valley Creek not only experience the Lord, but also grow in greater depth of understanding of who He is and what He has called us to. As well, Valley Creek “U” offers many training opportunities for future church leaders through teaching, experience, and evaluation.


Find a place where you can serve the church and our community.

Serve on a Sunday morning

Sunday services have a lot of moving parts and require many members of the church to serve. Ranging from public platforms to behind the scenes, there are many Sunday Service Teams new folks can join to serve on Sunday mornings.

Help meet the needs of the community and the church

Ministry Teams provide a wonderful way for us to serve alongside others as we meet the needs of the church. While some of the ministries may require a certain skill or gifting, the vast majority of ministry opportunities are open to anyone. You will find people of all backgrounds and stages of life serving together in meaningful ways.